Unit 7: Higher Degree Polynomial Learning Targets Self-Assessment

1. I can write a polynomial in general form, state the lead coefficient and the degree of the polynomial.
Definition of a polynomial, degree, lead coefficient
Degree of a polynomial

2. I can add, subtract and multiply polynomials.
Adding Polynomials Video
Subtracting Polynomials Video
Multiplying Polynomials Video

3. I can describe the end behavior of a polynomial.
End Behavior Video

4. I can write the equation of a polynomial given the roots and a point on the graph.

5. I can factor higher degree polynomials to find the roots.
Click Here for Answer Key to Mr. Seitz's Factor HW Check

6. I can divide polynomials.
(Worksheet as Promised!!)

Click Here for Notes (Long Division)

Click Here for Notes (Synthetic Division)

7. I can determine the roots of a polynomial.
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8. I can sketch the graph of a polynomial.