Welcome to Algebra II!!

Topics of Study:
Chapter 1: Linear Functions
Chapter 2: Quadratic Functions
Chapter 3: Quadratics
Chapter 4: Polynomial
Chapter 5: Radicals and Rational Exponents
Chapter 6: Exponential Growth and Logarithms
Semester Review

Notes to students/parents: We use Big Ideas textbook. Access to the online dynamic e-book can be found at clever.com/in/dbqschools
Features of the e-book include:
Quick Videos explaining each example

Video Link.jpg

Monitoring Progress videos for more examples
monitoring progress.png

Reading Text The text can be read in English or in spanish

Other features:
Stepped out problems: If you teacher assigns problems online, some of them can be shown step-by-step.
Live Tutor: If your teacher assigns problems online, some problems may have a live tutor who can help (if you teacher allows)